Sasha first started taking pictures while traveling in South and Central America at the age of 17. 

A tendon injury, of all things, had motivated her travels. After leaving high school a year early to pursue her competitive rock climbing career, a torn tendon forced her to find new hobbies. She spent the following year traveling in Latin America, a camera at her side.

Sasha later returned to school to study international development and journalism at American University in Washington, D.C. Her senior project, In The Gray, was shot while studying abroad in Nairobi for her final semester in 2010. Since then she has had some work, both photo and word, published in climbing magazines (Urban Climber, Climberism) and has been printed by The North Face. Her series "Girl and a Horse" has been displayed in the Santa Cruz First Friday gallery series. 

Most of the photos here were shot on film. The collections reflect her interest in portraiture, climbing, landscape and story-telling. 


Sasha currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.